Friday, May 22, 2009

Up the Hill to Cerro Gordo

I wrote this before and it went into cyber space somewhere? Here we go again...Some years ago, myself, Jon, and my friend Rick who lives in Lone Pine went up the hill to check out Cerro Gordo. I had never been there before and was excited to get a chance to see an early mining town somewhat intact. Rick had grown up or went to school with the owner Jody, so he thought we might be able to talk ourselves into maybe throwing some dirt. We got up there and met them and said our Hello's and were given a tour of the area, very Kool, got to look into their little museum and hike around. We asked about digging for old bottles and were told that they really didn't want anyone digging around up there. They said a guy had gotten a whiskey bottle from them, didn't really tell them much about it, she said it was a MILLER'S EXTRA Fifth, amber, and her Boy friend said that they found out later that the guy had sold it for $10,000. They were not happy about the whole deal. She also showed us where another guy had come up there and used photo's and a metal rod to poke around and found a hole behind the Blacksmith Shop and dug a bunch of Blue Sodas and some Black Ales outta there. He was nice and gave them all the Black Ales as he said they were worth money and he kept the sodas. I can't say I blame them for being a little edgy. Jody said while on the way out to feed the dogs, she found on the top of the ground an amber umbrella ink. She was cleaning it in the sink when we came up there and it sliped out of her hand in the sink and it knocked the top off, she showed it to us. The Boy Friend told us to come up the hill with him and he would show us one of his projects. We went up to where an old tractor was sitting, and saw where they had cut a big swath out of a mine tailing pile. He just pointed in there as there was a heavy over hang shadowing the swath, "That's where we are digging now" we looking in there and there was hundreds of Black Ales, Champagnes, Wines, and Whiskey necks and tops sticking out of the side of the pile. Jon and I looked at that, looked at each other, and jumped in there in complete Bottle Lust. They were yelling at us and pointing up above our heads where dirt was trickling down on us and said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. We were completely Bummed, I was whining so bad and begging Jody to Please lets rip this place, she gave me a DR.HENLEY IXL with the top knocked off to shut me up, I have never seen that much glass ripe for picking in my life. Yeah, they were pretty much against doing any digging, too bad. It was fun though and exciting. I did see and hold a MILLER'S EXTRA Fifth that was bought at a yard sale in the area, it was said to have come from the upper part of the hills, probably the wood cutter camps in the area. It has the top replaced, but, still what a Great Bottle. I wonder what one now days would be worth? I guess as far as paying $1000.00 to dig up there, unless they move tailing piles, I will use my Silver Pick on the Internet and at the Shows. Dr.Barnes

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  1. I think I saw that same yard sale Millers 1/5 at Lone Pine Rick's and it must have been bought at Hooters, as it was "topless" !!


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