Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Digging around for those whiskey shards made me think you might want to see where we look for the old glob tops here in Utah. The early silver camps were a good ticket 20 years ago and more. Alta produced a bunch of 5ths, mainly J.F. Cutters and Hotaling Non Crowns. Plenty of Millers flasks, large and small came out of here. A few "strays" made their way up to the boarding houses. Clarks -Samual More, Durham, and even a broken green Clubhouse was found near the Davenport Mine. World class ski resorts surround the area now.

Here is another broken Durham - No Foot. This one was found near the Black Bess Mine high in the Wasatch Mtns. Most of the stuff around this boarding house was later 70's or early 80's-ish. Broken Jesse Moore flask also found here. 3 or 4 whole bottles (junkers) was all we took out of here in two separate trips. One heck of a hike, even 20 years and 40 lbs ago! Topo shows the elevations - 10k feet is not exaggerating. Can't drive anywhere near it, all wilderness area.

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  1. Nothin' left up there, Roger? With "possibilities" like those, I'd be sorely tempted to make a return visit. I love those high mountain hikes. Still a bit too "snowy" to hit our Sierra spots, though.


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