Tuesday, May 5, 2009

John Thomas

Picked up this copy of the Old Bottle Magazine, Aug. 1971, a few days ago. I remember when it came out, with John Thomas witching for bottles. I guess no one ever perfected that art!!

Here is John Thomas holding court in 1997 at the great Whiskey Extravaganza - Downieville Bottle Show.

John passed away in 2000. He was instrumental in bringing glob top whiskey bottles and collectors together with his first book (booklet) A Choice Listing Of The Most Desired Older Whiskey Bottles.

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  1. I pretty much knew John from the beginning. The first time he came to our house was in 1970. I had recently dug a yellow green Jown Wolf fifth and he wanted it. You know him, he tried to trade me a POS Jesse Moore for it. HAR! That didn't work, so away he went, roaring off in his VW.

    Somewhere around here I have a few photos of him at various early '70s bottle events. Sheesh, we were just 20-something kids. Yeah, those first Downieville shows were cool, and we all had bottles in those displays.


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