Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am putting up quite a few posts, will come back and put some more dialog. Dale is sending me some flask picts. and I know we all like to look at killer bottles.

This filthy whittled, frothy example was recently acquired from a digger south of San Francisco. Same example as upper right.


  1. Was the frothy one dug recently or years ago ?? What a bottle !

  2. It was dug about 30 years ago, and sat in a box wrapped in newspaper until about a year ago. The color is straight olive amber, and I do not know why the close up looks more amber. The other shot shows the color better. The color, and character remind me of the Cassin's bitters that sold in Pacific Glass Auctions years ago...(the example found in Idaho). Looks like they used the exact same glass "recipe" a few years apart!

  3. They definetly got the "recipe" right on that one. That is one heck of an example ! Must've been fun takin the wrapper off that one. The most bubbley one I've seen too. Gotta be one of the kings of the Castles.........


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