Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Remember when...

...John Thomas' first whiskey book came out in 1969? I was looking throuh some old junk and came across this notice of his "pamphlet", as he called it, being available through the mail. Up until that time, Bill Wilson's Spirits Bottles Of The Old West Was THE bible for whiskeys. John's little publication showed more comprehensive history on the bottles that we all know and appreciate and quickly became the go-to source for them. He also had assigned an actual "value" to each one, but I'm sure that there was some "self interest" involved in that aspect. Regardless, we all enjoyed this little publication and many of us carried our copies until they wore out. Ragged and dog eared, soiled from fingers, and the pages falling out, they still hold an honored place in our hearts if not on our shelves.Photobucket

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  1. OldCutters, Some of my earlier whiskey books have not only soiled pages but blood stains from when I cut my fingers digging in the '70s and was so excited to hurry and look-up in the whiskey books things I'd just dug !


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