Sunday, May 10, 2009


Want to see a nice small circle Millers(tf-20)? I think this one might have a bit of green in it!! I know there are some other smokin' hot Miller's Smalls out there, lets line them up.

Trying to get a comparison shot of the broken "lime green" large circle that came out of the Utah mtns. a couple of years ago.

Here are some flask shards, (and shards of shards), not much is left of some of them when you dig them out of rock piles at 10000 ft.

Green amber small Millers, same yellow green large Millers as in window picture. Looks different color without back light. And the small shard of the 'lime green' or 'transparent' Millers. I have the top, base and some unembossed pieces around here somewhere. The entire bottle was similar color.


  1. Yep, that one might have a "hint" of green it it. YOWZERS!! I have dug a double handful of those Millers over the years and never kept one. Funny, but for some reason they didn't "float my boat", as it were. When we dug the first ones, back in the early '70s, they were going for a little over a hundred bucks, and they held that for a long time. Things are a bit different these days, aren't they?

  2. That is one awesome green small circle. The strike looks incredible too !
    Just recently dug a broken small in medium chocolate. Cant recall seeing one in that color. How about anyone else??

  3. I had a mint example in a chocolate amber. It was dug in Utah, and I regret moving it along. I know where it is, and hopefully it will come back to the "collective". It was the only one I had seen in that color, and I have only handled a couple that were without olive tone of some kind.The strike on the chocolate was also very strong, which is sooo tough on small designs.

  4. That would be a pair to draw to! Yellow green and chocolate amber, both with crisp embossing. I have first hand knowledge of that dark one. More regrets!!


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