Sunday, May 10, 2009


Still drooling over the two oldest Hotaling fifths that OLD CUTTERS posted a few days ago. His whittled crown shoulder is a beauty. That bottle has always been a favorite of mine. After watching the example close in American Glass Auction, it must be someone else's favorite too!!!

You know if you have a really strongly embossed example by the jewels. The "English Crown" on Hotaling bottles exhibits jewels across the front and top of the crown. They are readily seen on examples that have strong embossing, particularly whittled examples. The Circle Cutter(t-43) & (t-44) both often show the jewels across the front of the crown. That is the (t-44) 4 piece mold, not the 2 piece mold variations. You have a super example if you can see the jewels all across the top of the crown.

The Crown Shoulder Hotaling(t-47) sometimes show all of the jewels. This bottle doesn't come in green for some reason, but a whittled, light yellowish amber really can light up your shelf.


  1. I am not allowed to post photos in the comments, but do have a few Cutters that you could call "Jewelish".

  2. Sorry readers, still trying to figure out if photo posting is available in the comments area. I have searched the multiple FAQ lists and have not found the answer. For now, just submit your photos in a new post, you just need the password to become a contributor. Email me and you shall have it. Then we can all see those great bottles.

  3. Lets try a dose of html for a picture and see what happens.


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