Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pride of Kentucky

Here is a bottle that is somewhat of a mystery to me... They are supposedly fairly prevalent, with over 30 examples in collections. I just do not see the glob top Pride available for sale, nor have I heard of a mint example being dug for many years. This bottle sure looks fairly early, with the "fat" body, and early style base similar to an early non-crown Cutter Hotaling. But, they also come tooled, which like the Mc Kenna's, indicates a pretty long run. This example is an old amber, and has a strong strike for this bottle. This has been a fifth that I have had the hardest time upgrading, as there just does not seem to be any available. Once highly regarded, and firmly in the "top 25" they seem to have fallen out of favor a bit, but nobody is letting go of theirs! Anyone out there dug a Pride? Ever? It would be great to see some nice examples posted.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Antique Store Bottle Finds

A few weeks ago I managed to find these two bottles in a local antique store. Out of all the antique stores in Southern Cal I've ever visited, these finds take the cake, especially the Fenkhausen Whiskey fifth! As surprising as it was to find these bottles, the prices were equally exciting. The bottle on the right is an unembossed western square/bitters with an applied top. One collector has confirmed this to have been a once labeled bitters product from Red Bluff, CA. It might take another 10 years or more to find some more good bottles in an antique store....but the search is always part of the fun!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Western Bitters Site Back Online

Fellow collectors,
After receiving an email from Bruce Silva informing me the pirates that hijacked the Western Bitters News site had abandoned it, I spent the time to try and resurrect and restore the content of the Western Bitters News.
I am happy to announce that the Western Bitters News is back online at the new address and I will try to keep fresh content on the site every week.
I have the Annual Forest City Applefest to attend today (in the pouring rain) but will start adding new content to the site on Monday and look forward to keeping this site alive for all of us collectors to enjoy. I have all of the old posts up and running for those that want to look them over.

See you over at

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canyonville Show Pick Up...

This year's Canyonville show was larger than ever, with all tables sold, and some great displays. There is a full report on the Western Tooled Top Gazette.

It seems that every year, I am able to add a quality piece to my collection, and this year was no exception. In addition to purchasing a pretty golden olive Lacour's Bitters, and an ice blue Chas. Bernard, S.F. spice, I was able to acquire this incredible deep colored Farmer's Horse Medicine. This is the large size, and it is very crude with some great glass characteristics. I now have two of a nice ice blue, and this example. Both were dug in the same Northwest town. It is a nice surprise to be able to find a bottle like this at a show, but Canyonville always provides a chance at this nice Western glass brought in by diggers, and collectors that rarely attend the other shows in the West. I guess this show is not such a "secret" any more.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How About Some Bottle Pics

Here is a few Gaslights, all unembossed, all applied tops, vibrant colors, the blue one has deeper cobalt patches or swirls running through it and serious galss swirls in the shoulder and body, a looker for sure. Dr.Barnes

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bottle Digging: Rock & Roll

Earlier this Spring, my younger bro and I set out for a weekend dig in Southern Cal to see if we could locate some old privies and find a few noteworthy old bottles. We never would have foreseen or predicted what would happen on our weekend adventure....In this episode we bring to you an unexpected digging experience, Rock & Roll!

Summary of Day One...Can you say ABD-ed, circa 1985??

Time to catch some sleep after a long hot day at the local luxury motel. Check out the air conditioning unit....I can't wait til someone lists this thing on eBay as being in "MINT" condition right??? The rest of the room and amenities were in similar condition, yikes! We should've slept on a dirt lot somewhere. We felt lucky enough to avoid catching any bed bugs.
Some of the features on this house looked pretty "late," but an old looking porch, architectural style, and windows...
Our 1895 Maps told us it was at least that old, with the side of the house suggesting solid 1880's....
After an hour or more of probing we finally poked out floater hole with a layer around the 6 foot level. It was time to open it up and see what we could find....
Lots and lots of huge boulder rocks from the 6 to 9 foot level....
We figured out what people mean by "hitting rock bottom," and NO bottles. A non-ABD floater hole with no more than a few broken shards.
But wait! While peeling one of the walls high up at the 4 foot! A totally rad 1880's-90's champagne bottle, NOT! But seriously, we've never been this excited about finding an unembossed champagne. Bit hey, at least the hole kicked us one large-sized intact bottle....
Then the real fun began, as Rob & Gerty (the homeowners) made us ribs, chips & guacamole, and cold beer! To our surprise they also have a full-blown Karaoke set up in their backyard, so we sang the bottle blues....Out with the ROCKS and in with the ROLL!
Two brothers, Two days, a few outhouses, one champagne, gracious hosts, free dinner, beer, and karaoke....PRICELESS!
We can't wait for our next bottle adventure. Rock On!

New Western Glass Works Book

I just wanted to let all of you fellow bottle collectors know that Warren Friedrich's new book on Western Glass Works is being published later this month and will be available at the Auburn California 49er Bottle Show on December 3rd & 4th.
This new book takes a factual look at the development of the Western Glass industry and the beautiful glass containers it produced. If you are interested in the development of Western Glass I highly recommend this new

More information on this new book on Western Glass Houses is listed below:
A Book on Early California Glass Works: 1859 through 1899

I have recently written and will publish a comprehensive book on the above subject matter. This book is 230 pages and will contain 290 illustrations. It will be printed on 80 lb or 100 lb gloss paper in color and have a sewn binding with hardcover. Unfortunately this will not be as reasonably priced as I had hoped for. The price will be $100 for each book and the publisher will have the books ready for me by December 3rd. I plan on bringing these books to the Auburn Bottle Show and will be sharing a table with Roger Terry for distribution of them.

These books will be published 1 time only, and I have a deadline of October 18th to let the publisher know exactly how many to order. For those that are interested in purchasing a book, please call me at (530) 265-5204 anytime to discuss anything further. Because of the cost I am requesting that these books be pre-sold.

Please send payment of $100 by check to:

Warren Friedrich
11422 Ridge Road
Nevada City, Ca. 95959

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Swirly Flask

Neat looking Knife Edge Pint Flask, a Crude Tool Top, has a Nice White Swirl running through the body, it also leans heavily, barley stands up. Thank You Swapmeet God's. DB