Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yet Another Visit to Portland...

It's great for this Oregonian to see "OldCutters" post of two nice Portland fifths. Glob top whiskeys from Portland are all tough to find, and do not come up for sale often. The Hotaling fifths from Oregon have a great tie in to California collectors of early Western whiskeys and finding a good example is not easy. Here is the "other" Hotaling globby from Oregon. This one is hard to find as well. It is a very primitive looking fifth, and usually has nice glass character, whittle and a larger top than the other "Rick Rack". I still have no proof as to which is earlier, and perhaps they were all used close to the same time for different brands of whiskey (?). The timeframe of use is so narrow, for all 3 to be distributed, and all are rare to extremely rare.

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  1. NICE, ME!! You know that one of those is high on my list, as are a few other very difficult to obtain Hotaling bottles.


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