Friday, February 19, 2010

Lighter Jesse

I acquired this very light non vented Jesse Moore fifth a few months ago from the original "finder". It needed a light cleaning as it had laid face down in an ashy layer for 120 years or so. The photo does not show just how yellow this one is, but I have not had a lighter example in my collection. These just do not seem to come in nicer colors very often, though I heard of a nice green toned example that walked in to the Vegas show. Not sure if it found a new home or not, but this one is happy with his friends on the shelf!

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  1. I remember you showing that Jesse to me after the Auburn Show on a cloudy, sun-deprived day...and it still shimmered like a gem! A very beautiful Jesse!

    There was a very greenish-toned example at the Las Vegas Show. Ken E. had acquired it (for about 12 hours, then returned it for a rightful refund)...It had a poorly repaired (glued-on) applied top.

    I personally still thought the color was great, so I made several trade and buy offer attempts to the seller but I think he was in denial about the repaired top. Upon further examination, I also noticed there was a substantial crack around the rim of the base...forget about it!


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