Sunday, February 7, 2010

AAA Old Valley Whiskey...

Awhile back several collectors showcased their AAA flasks, and all were simply beautiful. These flasks come in a myriad of colors, and crudity. Here is one of my examples that seems to have most of the qualities which are most desired in this (and most) bottles. The color is a light yellow, with green tone, it is extremely whittled, and the strike is crisp and clear. The way to tell if your AAA flask is boldly struck is to observe the outside edge of the cross. If the cross is actually outlined, and this ridge outline is present, it is extremely well struck. If the entire cross is on one plane, and there is no embossed "ridge" but the cross is flat, and drops off at the edge, it is an average struck example. of course the small lettering at each leg of the cross should be legible, and crisp. There are some stunning green examples out there, and the rarity, and prices seem to be in alignment with the Teakettle fifth. the realized prices are pretty close in each with similar charactaristics. Certainly not rare, but VERY popular. Just a stereotypical Western bottle.


  1. soleagent,
    You should be sending Miller's Extra, OldCutters and Dennis Rogers a paycheck: they seem to be keeping the site in posts.
    Oh, Wow! what an Old Valley flask!

  2. millers extra,is one of your aaas one i used to own?old bumsted from oregon,mike owned it last.

  3. Wow, what a nice flask, that's a real smoker. There may be some greener but they'ed have a hard time competing with the beauty of this one. Although somewhat available their still one of the best looking Western flask there is.

  4. This one was originally dug in a Siskiyou County Cal. Gold Rush era town. It has been in two collections including mine.
    I agree GP about the AAA flasks being attractive, and I have a hard time passing up one when they become available.

  5. This is a beautiful bottle! Rickster, there are many, many collectors with great bottles, super stories, new and interesting information.. it really is terrific when they take the time to share with the rest of us. I truly mean it when I say "thanks to all of you that contribute".
    If you are interested in being an author/contributor email me at

  6. For some reason, the small towns within 30 minutes drive from this vicinity, are known to kick out these flasks. I have dug them in Yolo and Solano Counties, here in N. CA. One pit held 3 smoker examples. At that time, like other bottles we appreciate so much these days, they didn't command much respect. A hundred to hundred fifty bucks was all that could be dragged out of a real nice AAA. Of course, now that they are "respected" I can't seem to score one that isn't in several parts. We'll keep trying, though, it's what we do.

  7. Great example. Thanks for posting the pic. Do you know where it was dug?


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