Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A.P. Hotaling's trademarks appear on his bottles, in his advertising publications and on his early advertising signs. To say that he was conscience of his trade marks would be an understatement. He vigorously protected these trade marks and constantly made the public aware that only he was the only agent for the J.H. Cutter brand.


  1. OC,
    Those trademarks sure are neat. What do you think is up with the 'failure to appear' of the Hotaling Rye bottle ??? Think Hotaling went 'slick' on it? He sure doesnt strike me as a slicker !

  2. I really have no clue why the bottle doesn't(?) exist. Possibly, Hotaling trademarked the whisky and never actually produced it. It's embossing and an example of the label are included in the claim of trademarks folder. It is exactly like the ANo1 and OK, except that it has "Cutter/Pure Old Rye/Whisky" in the circle on the shoulder and A.P.Hotaling's/Pure Old Rye/Cutter Whisky" on the reverse shoulder. Until one is dug, or at least some pieces, we'll never solve this mystery.

  3. Could he have used the OK bottle with a Rye label on the back??


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