Sunday, August 16, 2009


Here is a nice set of Shoulder Crowns sent in by George Bryant.

Both Martin variants: no reverse circle(t-48) and reverse circle(t-48a).

Hotaling shoulder crown(t-47).

George was asking about the jewels on the crown. The crowns on the Martin fifths don't show those little bumps or jewels as we like to call them. No jewels for that crappy Cincinnati whiskey I guess....

Poor Martin, gets no respect from the Hotaling fifth crowd. Should have stuck to Millers and Star in Shield.

That early Martin (t-48) is still a pretty tough bottle to locate. Completely different mold than the (t-48a), larger bottle.


  1. Oh geez, now look what you've done. Tears are falling on my keyboard. Each of those puppies has rested at this h'yar kennel at one time, but, alas, they've all gone to new homes. The Martins that is, the "BIG H's" are here for the long run. Now, where is that Shoulder Crown Hotaling pint?

  2. Nice grouping George ! Yes, the plain reverse Martin is the rarer bottle. It's bigger in diameter too than the later Martin bottle and a closer copy in embossing and mold size of the Hotaling shldr crwn. Very rare indeed... my count comes in at only 10 in mint to near mint cond. vs 44 of the other var.


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