Thursday, August 6, 2009

2009 Pomona National Show

Hi All, I personally had a Great time at the National Show. Good Job LA Club. I sold very well, bought some fun stuff for the collection and a few trinkets for resale. I had a Good Time. It was Great to see a lot of my friends that I don't normally get to see unless I travel North. I also got to hang out with all my down on the border Dago buddies. I enjoyed the Displays, I know my buddy Terry put in a lot of work on his demi jon display, he won an award, that was pretty Kool, the Rest In Pieces display was Great again, I enjoyed it at the Dago Show in June, looked like they added some great criers to it this time. I should have added the Jewel Bitters I dug to it, top was half gone. The only real downers to the show for me feet hurt from standing on the concrete for 2 days and it was freaken Hot the first day. I also heard more glass breaking than I have heard at all the shows I have gone to put together, it sounded like a war a couple of times. I saw a lot of Great Glass for sale, this year I was on a low budget so I didn't spend much. I saw a Mid Crown E. Martin Cutter that was probably the best one I have ever seen, very crude, and a top of the shelf Miller's Flask (Large Circle) design, also just hammered. Both sold in a private sale at the show, both very impressive. One of my friends who wishes to remain nameless picked up a nice green IXL, good color and some good crudeness to the glass. As I read in a previous post, the fifths were present, I saw some nice globby fifths and some tough toolies too. The trouble is I have seen some of these Whiskies at shows for a long time with the same high prices on them, guess what, they ain't selling, lower the prices maybe? I know to make a few hard sells I dropped my duckets so I could fill me wallet, I was successful. On Los Angeles or Hell A as we like to call it, No Big Deal My Man, you drive like there is No Tomorrow, Watch what colors you are wearing, Don't dress like a gangster, and NO EYE CONTACT. Yeah the trip home back to the border was good, hardly any traffic, we made good time, the only thing that bothered me was when we were passing through San Berdoo and Riverskid or Riverside, you could not see a 1/2 mile off the side of the freeway cause of the mustard gray smog that is always present. Baaaahhhhhhh. See you in Auburn in December. By the way I am always looking for colored Jamaica Gingers and any Wild Western Hall bottles, and of course San Diego Bottles :c) Dr.Barnes


  1. I have read 6 or 7 reports on the National Show here & on the bitters site. All the reports seem to be pretty positive. Sure wish I could have been able to attend the show, sounds like there was a lot of western stuff available.

  2. Thanks for the report, what color was the crude Mid-Crown ?

  3. Nice report Dr Barnes. I think the mid-crown was light amber and purchased by one of my diggin pards.


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