Monday, August 3, 2009


Here is an interesting piece that John O'Neill found while browsing the isles at the National. I tried to get a couple of quick picts of it, but it will have to be cleaned up a bit to get a full look at the lettering. That crown is interesting! The 1866 date that is visible relates to a brand that Morrison registered with the State of California on Sep. 10th, 1866. Simply called OLD BOURBON - FROM DUNHAM'S DISTILLERY - LOUISVILLE, KY

There 614 Front Street is his earlier address, moved in 1870 I believe. If you look closely you can make out something about "STATE" and "SACRAMENTO" around the top. Need to look at this again.

Here is Morrison's application filed with the State of California
in 1866 for Dunham's.

Lots of swirls and twirls around Morrison's signature, always
wondered if this document is in ol' Jno. C's handwriting. The signature appears to be from the same person that penned the

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