Sunday, August 9, 2009


Just a quick mention of Lot #98 the Old Bourbon Castle Whiskey(t-22). This appears to be a decent example of this bottle, this bottle is often found with a very strong strike and good whittle. Again, check out the video and description on the American Bottle Auction site (see our links).

Just as a correction to the printed catalog, it is listed as an "A.T." or an applied top. I see that the catalog is using the initials a.t. or t.t. -- tooled top. Over the years collectors have identified these as T.T.T. or transitional tooled tops. The Auction has corrected the 'top description' on the web site description.

This bottle is found with a true applied glob top, but they are not common.

I'm not trying to nit-pik the Auction, but I want everyone to be aware of differences. I wish the true glob Castle(t-22) had as good of a strike as the "transitional". The Auction price estimates are certainly in line with the historical price the "transitional" has sold for. I guess you could expect to pay more for a true glob top.

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  1. The true glob-tops of this bottle (the non-OK) are very rare and seem to mostly come from VC. This will blow most people away, but they are actually 'rarer than the flask'. Yep, it's true


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