Sunday, September 6, 2009

"To be, or not to be" (a fat boy that is)

Dug September 1971; area of Bridgeport, Ca. It came in a collection a few years ago along with a lot of other pretty strong western glops.

Funny thing; the collection was in the home of heavy smokers. The bottle shelves were next to the kitchen, where a steady diet of fried foods was constantly being prepared. Adjacent to the displays was a wood stove that belched soot into the room. My hands literally stuck to the bottles as I picked them up and judging color was a crapshoot at best. I assumed that the bottle was a standard run of the mill amber. Imagine my delight when it emerged from its warm water bath of sudsey ammonia. Best described as loads of green at the shoulder and a strong transformation to old amber at the base. It's got a smooth base, a big top and the tip of the A in Extra is pointy.

But the big question is... fat boy or not?


  1. My inexperienced and untrained eyes say that it qualifies for the early mold. I've dug and sold quite a few of those older JFs, but if the truth be known, I never paid much attention the nuances of the older types. Those bottles have certainly "come into their own" in the past couple of years, and that is a by golly, gnarly specimen, for darned sure.

  2. Looks kinda FAT to me!!..Andy


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