Saturday, September 26, 2009

MIA JF Cutters

Found these in the closet today, trying to make room for more stuff, trying to find the stuff I stuffed in there last time, its a black hole. Had a box full of pieces somewhere around here? Dr.Barnes


  1. Hey Rick,
    Nice J.F.s! I would keep digging in that closet! Wish I had a closet full of glob fifths that I forgot about...even that circle Cutter is a great color. Post some more of your indoor digging finds!


  2. Now that's a "killer dig" for a Sunday, especially in S.D. County :)

    Nice Cutters, Rick! Wanna do some trading, now that you've reacquinted them with the daylight??


  3. Doc. B, I'm glad we gave you a reason to "remember" where you put those Star/Shields. If I had star/shields like that, they wouldn't be in the closet! Are those little gingers warp'in your brain. Check the corner of that closet, I think you might have a box of those Diego Miller's flasks in there... somewhere.


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