Friday, September 18, 2009

An Oregon Flask

Here is an excellent example of the earliest Fleckenstein & Mayer pint flask from Portland. This is the knife edge with the horizontal embossing. This is a relatively scarce flask with about 25 examples known. They have been dug in Oregon, Washington, and California. These are the earliest flasks from this company that had more embossed amber flasks than any other Western concern except perhaps Lilienthal and Co. These are very tough to find with strong embossing throughout the pattern. They date from the late 1870s, through the early 1880s. This example was dug at a well known stage stop several years ago. It was found with another example, as well as two pontiled umbrella inks, a Bininger Night Cap flask, some cathedral peppersauce bottles, and misc. utilities. I have not seen one with a single roll collar, or in a light yellow coloration. There are a few known in an old amber, however most are in a medium to chocolate.

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  1. Nice embossing and pioneer type design on that one. The horizontal Fleckenstein has always been one of my top 10 fave flasks w its cool early-style open embossing pattern. Kinda like a baby brother to the Angeli and horizontal Wormsers. Sure would like to see what a green example would look like if one is found some day !


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