Thursday, September 17, 2009

Label Under Glass Castle Whiskey Found

Last Sunday morning at the alemany flea market in san francisco a label under glass castle whiskey with castle on the label was found and exchanged hands for $100. cash, it was flipped about an hour later for $850. cash and turned again after that....but after that trail goes dark. Anyone want to claim ownership? Supposedly the owner had listed it on e-bay but later cancelled the auction when he had only one watcher........


  1. Hmm, small world. I attempted to initiate contact with the "seller" of this piece immediately after it was posted on ebay. It was item # 230377200595 / RARE LABEL UNDER GLASS CASTLE OK WHISKEY BAR BOTTLE. I dangled a mammoth carrot in front of them, basically a blank check, but never even received the courtesy of a "get lost" response. Not once, but twice.

    I try to stay away from notably flawed bottles and this piece was damaged, presenting with a large crack in the neck at the front. But, to quote Val Kilmer as Doc. Holliday "my hypocrisy only goes so far" and I was more than willing to live with the damage.

  2. I put in the number to e-bay and it popped up still, so I copied the photo and have pasted it above, nice bottle even with the crack.

  3. Nice bottle. I've got the same type bottle with a gold label under glass that reads Whiskey. You can see it at:


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