Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lilienthal Flasks

I will quit posting for awhile, but I just wanted to get caught up. Please bear with me.

I cannot recall any Lilienthal flasks (or even fifths for that matter), being featured on this site. While I do not claim to be an expert on this company, there is a wide array of early glass that comes wonderfully colored and crude.

Here are two examples of some of the earliest flasks from Lilienthal. The green example is the "high S.F." in a larger than pint size. It was recovered from the Comstock years ago. There are only a handful in this strong green coloration, and a few in a light yellow olive, ranging to old amber and even yellow amber. They remain a relatively available flask, but are becoming tougher to find.

The smaller example is referred to the Lilienthal "cognac". They are smaller than a pint in capacity. These are actually considered a very scarce flask with perhaps 12-15 examples in collections. The typical color for these is a dark chocolate with very few being a regular amber. Several years ago, a few in a light yellowish color were dug from the same hole in Nevada. Each had something different going for it, though they were the same color. One is super whittled, one has a monster strike, and one has a huge top, and swirls ( the example pictured).


  1. M.E.,
    Beautiful Lilienthals! Seems like I have seen that cognac before. Don't stop posting!

  2. i have an amber strap sided lilienthal 1/2 pint whittled different then ive seen anywhere... shoot me an e-mail & i will send pics...its 4 sale...

  3. I dug a green Lilienthal with the high SF and a green Cundurango at a sawmill site Boulder Creek, CA area in 1992...a good day and my most prized possessions...still trying to find out what they might be worth...any ideas?

  4. If it's as green as the one above I would put it at $5,000 to $7,000.


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