Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Here are a few photos from L. Westfall that show a portion of his fine collection.
He has been at it for just a few years, has built some nice groupings... buying / selling / swapping / digging.... however you can add a bottle or upgrade an example. Just keep at it.

Cutter barrels:
A pair of O.K.'s (t-41)
Super nice Bird (t-42)
Classic A No 1 (t-40)

Jesse Moores:
Vented and Non vented Jesse (t-94)
Red amber glob Jesse (t-94 var)
Big and tall Serbian -- Mr. Chielovich to you, if you don't mind! (t-90)

Teakettle run (t-136)

A few more:
Jesse, O.K. and a very pretty Lilienthal (t-104)

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