Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Check out the link we just put up for Collectors Weekly. I hate to guide you away from this site, but you might get a kick out those 'ol boys. It might even get you in the mood to do a little digging.

Scroll down to the videos on the left. I watched a couple of them. I'm sure I'll watch them all soon enough.

I can't say that I agree with all their techniques???? Unscrewing a bottle from the hole? We have all done it, but about the time you tear a big chunk off the top of a nice bottle... that's the last time.

Rubbing the gritty dirt off your find, with those gritty gloves. Keeps Lou busy!

What the heck, we all get excited.


  1. I have watched those guys, on and off, for a few years. They are mostly Civil War site metal detectorists and don't know much about bottle diggin'. Like most East Coast dump diggin' neophytes, they love those swingin' shovels and three pronged bottle scratchers. I cringe when I see anyone wiping a dirty bottle with filthy, encrusted gloves. Sadly, some Western diggers can't resist that hand wiping thing, either.

  2. I usta always have a bucket full o water to dunk em in and swish em around in, specially off colored whiskeys sodas and meds. hate to put any more damag on a buried bottle!! I mean its a wonder any of em has survived...Andy

  3. These videos are borderline comicle ! Amateur hour all the way....


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