Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clusters of Cutters....

I've really enjoyed the recent postings on Cutters, so I thought I'd add a few more pictures to the frenzy!

A diamond-whittled Mid Crown Cutter. One of my most memorable finds from the ground...

J.F. Cutter Pairing....

A few of the earlier crude ones....

Here's to Cutters!



  1. Hey L.C.W.

    Nice Cutters! I have handled that mid -crown you dug, and can definitely say the photo does not even come close to showing how nice that bottle is. Loaded with champagne bubbles, and crude as can be.One of the better examples out there. I have never dug a whiskey that nice, but wull keep at it. Nice!!!!!

  2. Take cover all you top 25 collectors its the attack of the Cutters!

  3. Take cover is correct!!! Somebody just put a TEAKETTLE whisky on fleabay!!! So ya all better jump over there and bid on it right now!!!........Andy

  4. Killer mid-crown, looks familiar !

    That Teakettle is solid, lets see if it breaks $1,000.

  5. The Tea Kettle looks like a pretty nice one, overall good color and character with sparkly glass, but the downsides are a very average strike and the fact it's been tumbled.

    It'll be interesting to see what it ends up selling for...

    I bet it'll go for somewhere in the $900-$1,100 range.


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