Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Snowflake letterhead

This Hall, & Luhrs Co billhead shows the vignette of the famous trotter "Snowflake, after which the whiskey was named, and is dated 9 Feb 1897, nearly 14 years after the brand was trademarked and bottles first offered. By that late date the slug plate embossed bottles we know and appreciate were long a thing of the past and a more standardized Hall, Luhrs & Co fifth was used.Photobucket


  1. Looks like Hall, Luhrs tried to find their own "Gold Dust". I bet the label was cool. Too bad they couldnt come up with a more interesting embossing pattern to go with the catchy horse name/theme....

  2. Hey just my screwed up eyesight, but the bill head reads Feb. 4th 1884 to me. Look at the 4 in 4th...I could be seeing things though. ME

  3. It does indeed look like the date is 1884, but check out the "Paid" stamp's date of 21 Feb 1897? It could be '87, though, the stamp is not very well done. The clerk's flourishing handwriting was typical of that time. The the drop from the "8" or "9" continues down to the "7".

    Ok, I just examined the receipt under lighted magnification and it is dated 1887, not '97 as I stated in the original post. It had to be my 63 yr old eyes deceiving me. Often times a cursory glance fails to tell "the rest of the story".


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