Monday, June 1, 2009


Here is an interesting bottle that raises a few questions. One question is where are they coming from??? East or West.

Has anyone dug one of these shoulder embossed 6ths in the West?

G.O. sent me an alert that an example of this bottle was on Ebay a couple of weeks ago. It was a good looking bottle, had a bit of greenish color to it. My example is orange amber which seems to be the standard color. The ebay example was being sold out of Penn., and the seller had a couple of other eastern glob cylinders.

I have seen 8 or 10 of these over the years. Mine came from the Vegas show 15 yrs ago. Seen them for sale at Reno. Are they all migrating in from the East?

I guess the possibility of this being a California version of the Suit's bottle has been on the table for discussion for a number of years. There are trade cards that exist advertising S.T.Suit with Booth & Co. /Sacramento; W.W. Dodge & Co. /San Francisco listed as "General agents for the Pacific Coast". Did Booth/Dodge use this shoulder embossed bottle?
My guess is no, probably just labeled only.

Compare the eastern? version 6th to the western Walker Bros. 5th.

Other eastern distributed Suit bottles exist:

S. T. Suit's Salt River Bourbon dark amber fifth - extremely rare, and rect. aqua bottle with similar embossing * medicinal whiskey?- scarce
numerous salt glaze jugs exist in various sizes.


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  2. I have never heard of the shldr embossed Suits being dug anywhere in the West, nor did I receive any reports of any being found when I did the digging surveys in the mid 90s. Besides just looking Eastern, this bottle is more than likely the early 1870s Suits & Co bottle from Louisville (ST Suit & Jordan Giles). Eastern as a Chielovich-less Durham.....

  3. That Walker Bros. is absolutely beautiful! Next to the Woodburn, it is my top "want to have" whiskey. History, age, color, character, rarity,open full face embossing , What more could one want in a bottle? Thanks for posting the photo!

  4. I found one scuba diving here in California about 8 years ago. Had quite a bit of damage but was intact. Only one I have heard of found out west.


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