Sunday, June 7, 2009

Recent Finds

Pictured at the left are three whiskies recently dug in the Northern California Gold County by "Moleman".

All three of these bottle were recovered from the same pit.

From left to right:

Circle Cutter (T44a) two piece mold with A NO 1 on reverse in medium amber.

Pint size knife edge flask in clear glass.

And the topper; a Pioneer Bear (Fenkhausen & Braunschweiger T4) in light yellow amber. The bear has some nice whittle and a super applied top.
As you can see all three bottles have just been washed with soap & water and are in original dug condition.
Great dig "Moleman"!!!


  1. NICE!!! I can hear that bear growling... hair of the bear that bit you. Great color ... looks perfect 'cept for a couple of nicks lower right?

  2. The 2-name Bear is extremely rare in that light yellow amber tone !

  3. Wow what a great bottle Moleman! The grizzly bear has long been an American icon of strength and courage, and yet it was the great push West that ultimately sealed his fate. Common place in early California durning the 19th century the bears mistique lives on through these highly treasured bottles. Congradulations on your super find!


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