Thursday, June 18, 2009

McFarlane fifth on fleaBay

This slug plate might not end up being a bad buy, if you really need one. Looks to have a nice applied top and way undervalued, so far.


  1. The Hawaiian boys kept us haulis in the dark for many a moon. I had relatives that moved back to the big island in the early 80's. Spent a lot of time on the windward side of the big island. I found out in a hurry that tooled Peacocks are like tooled J.F. Cutters here on the mainland. They're like noses - everyone's got one. Same goes for glopped Peacocks and Macs. Toolie Lovejoys and Hoffschlaegers are pretty much in the same boat.

    I can recall trips where I'd leave my baggage at the relatives place and check in for the return flight with cases of whiskies instead. Back then, not many realized how much was out there and prices held firm. The market is flooded with island whiskies these days and takers are few and far between. For whatever reason, the island guys are drawn to sodas and milks and the whiskies are looked on like red haired step children. As a result, supply and demand has caught up with the TH cylinders and prices seem to have suffered as a result.

    Maybe some day they'll rebound, but for now, you can toss the book values out the window. Hawaiian whiskies; nice bottles, but not rare, and not worth the price that they were run up the flagpole to several years ago.

  2. I don't want it, I was just pointing it out to some that might be interested. I have done a bunch of digging on a few islands, and dove around a couple of principal harbors. We got the boot from Lahaina. LOL Found plenty TH sodas and gins, but not much in cylinders.

  3. Seems like someone found the MacFarlane bottle desirable. Looks like it went for five hundred & twenty some dollars, fifty dollars less than the W.A.Gaines finished at. $520 in my opinion is a liitle strong for the MacFarlane & $570 real weak for a W.A. Gaines. Maybe KG is right, ebay is the new wild west.

  4. Looks like another case of....Step right up...... Territorial bottles will always be stong, but I have to agree 100% w G.O. Blake. I mean, how could someone value a common funky late 80s- 90s Crown Distillery bottle mold P.O.S over one of the classics??

  5. To follow-up on Ky Gems comments. He's dead spot on about the non-rarity of the HI fifths. Remember, the MacFarlane is nothing but a Crown Distillery bottle wearing a hawaiian shirt ! And we all know how common Crown Distillery bottles are.... Only the first/ oldest varient MacFarlane should get any of your attn. That is the one that has the early classic base and attributes.


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