Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Label from a later A.M. Smith Bottle

This label for a A.M.Smith Wine Varient has a great image of Lady Liberty Holding a cluster of grapes with a pioneer looking at his new glass of wine along with a grizzly bear for this image of California Wines. I also have a letterhead with the same images from the 1870's. From my collection. I know its not a glob top but great graphics none the less.


  1. Great piece John. That pioneer appears to be old A.M.Smith himself! Looks just like his likeness drawn in his book "Paddle You Own Canoe". Established 1872 is the key phrase for me. He opened up shop in SLC in '72, probably didn't have his embossed flask blown until '74 or just before he moved to Philly. The letterhead you have from the 1870's, is it from Salt Lake?

    1. I have a bottle with same label, looking to sell.
      phone # 612-386-4531

  2. No unfortunately not, it is from Philadelphia and is very similar to the label, but black and white printed.

  3. J.O. The Philadelphia stuff from Smith is also very rare. He wasn't there all that long, and he struggled hard the first two years after the move from SLC. In his book he talks about leaving the "quiet and gentile confines of Salt Lake" and being thrown to the wolves in the big city. One of the first references to the old saying about when a man with some money - meets men with experience - and how they switch assets of course.
    I just found out that there is an amber strap side Wine Depot flask from Philadelphia. Just a couple known.


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