Monday, August 30, 2010

J. F. Cutter Variant #1 "A"

OK OK, Calling in the Experts. Is this the Pointed "A" on the Variant 1 J.F. Cutter Extra? I had a comment that this was the Variant 2 "A", I have shown it to several people and I have been told its #1. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks DB.


  1. Hey Rick,

    Looks like the early variant #1 (B). The very first is the barrel top, yours appears to be the version immediately following it. It is certainly not a "flat top" A...but what do I know? You asked for an expert, and that is certainly not I...
    Dale M.

  2. Looks like a case for Doc Privy !

  3. Thanks Dale, you know more than I do. Don't you recognize it, I got it from you back when Richard was digging in VC. Man I have been out of the loop for sure, I didn't realize there was 2 different #1 Variants. Its a nice Fifth even with the Potstone Bruise. Trying to get cash up for yet 1 more Green Jake. DB

  4. You are funny Rick, Do I recognize it???? Yeah, I recognize that "R and A" in the photo as one of my old fifths. :)


  5. Ahhh, yeah right, forgot to mention I have it on Ebay right at the moment, more pics there, Yes, a Shamless Plug. DB


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