Friday, August 13, 2010

Get Famous

Dear Richard:
My name is Jamie Bennett and I work a non-fiction television production company in New York City.

We are an Emmy award-winning production company that produces programming for networks such as PBS, Discovery, History, National Geographic, A & E and many others.
We’re currently seeking people who have antiques, artifacts or other valuables to appear in a television non-fiction series “Finders and Keepers” (working title) about amazing finds all over the USA.
These items could either be 1) already discovered by the person, or 2) still buried and yet to be unearthed.
In particular, we’re keen to hear from bottle collectors who may have unearthed valuable and unusual items on digs.
I would be very appreciative if you could circulate the information below through your members, post it in your newsletters, blogs, mailing lists or bulletin boards, and suggest people we could speak to from your own circle.
We would like to receive replies as soon as possible, and we’re on the lookout for as many fascinating people, items and stories as we can find!
Thank you very much, I look forward to receiving some great responses!
Jamie Bennett
Development Researcher
“Finders and Keepers” Archaeology Show
Do you think you’ve got something amazing in your attic or buried in your backyard?
Whether it’s lost treasure in your garden or a family heirloom in your basement, if you suspect there’s something undiscovered, ancient and valuable on your property, we’re interested in hearing from you!
Your item could either be 1) already discovered, or 2) still buried and yet to be unearthed.
Our team of expert archaeologists will visit you to excavate, examine and assess your item, then give you the final word on its authenticity and value.
You’ll get a chance to appear in a new television non-fiction series that will be broadcast nationwide on a major cable television network. By sharing your knowledge and passion for your item, you’ll also play a part in preserving the rich historical heritage of the USA.
We’re an Emmy-award winning production company seeking people who believe they have antiques, artifacts or other valuables to appear in a television non-fiction series about amazing finds all over the USA. The series “Finders and Keepers” (working title) is being produced for a major cable network and will be filmed in fall 2010.
Please visit our website for more information. Entering is quick and easy - click on “How To Apply” to download a short application form.
We're working on a deadline and would need to receive the application form as soon as possible -- ideally next week ending Aug 20.
You can also email Jamie Bennett, Development Researcher at with more questions, or leave a message on our phone line 212-413-9231.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. I believe this attempt to exploit bottle diggers as a total scam which is being put forth by unknown parties with an ulterior motive who are refusing to revel their identity. No legitimate professional production company would ever solicit prospective people for a show in this manner nor would they refuse to revel their identity when asked. I strongly urge anyone who may be considering playing into this scam to be very careful about revealing any personal information to this fraudulent person. Please remove this bogus post.

  2. Oh yeah, right, announce to the world a valuable bottle that we unearthed. Death blow to diggers everywhere. Sorry, not a chance. I'm with GP...please go trolling elsewhere.

  3. A Really Bad idea to be involved in any way. Sheese, its hard enough to get anyone to tell you what they have, let alone show you what they found, and they are your friends. Gad. One of the guys in our Bottle Club sent me this very same email, asked what I thought, I said No No No. DB

  4. Looks like a trap set by some arkies who believe they own everything that is buried and should get paid to dig it up !

    Very very bad for diggers........ I'm sure eventually some attention starved digger will do what these jerks are asking in the letter above. The internet is a double-edge sword folks, and we need to be careful what we put on it.


  5. Oh yeah, I got the same wonderful request. Nah, not for me. This guy is desperate for his 15 minutes of "fame".

  6. Ja Yeah Sure I will!! And the next thing I will see is the arky police up my butt for diggin in some poor fools yard, and them fining the both of us for gettin some garbage soembody else didnt give a crap about in the first place, and threw into the sh-- hole in there back yards. wattya think we are ijits??......Andy

  7. I'll leave this up for a few days so that the "unsuspecting" can read the comments that are posted.

    Expert Arkies... now that is an oxymoron!

    exact estimate.... scientific estimation.... scientific consensus... scientific wild ass guess SWAG!

  8. SWAG! HAR! A-men to that. Archs wouldn't know a bloody thing about bottles if it wasn't for books written by collectors. I've had a few up front and personal "discussions" with one particular know-it-all whose office trailer had a complete library of bottle books, some good, some not so, that he used to base his "findings" on. What a LOSER!

  9. I once talked to and ark in downtown SF on a construction site right in the middle of where Yerba Buena Cove was and asked if they had found any ships. She said "no, not here, that's not possible, all the ships are a mile that way". I could not believe it !!!!!! She was so uneducated on the history of SF it was sickening. Even most of my non digging buddies would have known there were ships on that site. WOW !

  10. This sounds as suspect as it does interesting. It seems the "finders" will be comprised of mostly diggers, collectors, and property owners; yet the big question is who the "keepers" will be. It seems like the archs would be keeping anything they find, perhaps even "wharehousing" items turned up from years past. Is this an initial attempt for a power-grab of the personal possessions, property, and privacy of unassuming American citizens. I doubt the producers of the show would have such bad intentions, but it could be the start of a slippery slope for continued government legislation, laws, and regulations against citizens.

    The majority of archaelogists I've met have been very knowledgeable about history, willing to share information, and not afraid to ask me questions they have about bottles in particular. But when it comes to locating dig spots, one season digger armed with a probe would be more effective and successful than an entire
    team of archs with GPR. And I've yet to find or read any definitive or significant bottle related book written by any archaeologist.

    Overall, there are some idiots and bad people who run in both collecting circles and the archaeology field. But I think most folks are willing to learn and share their trade with folks from either side of the isle.

  11. Right...... an award winning production company that won't reveal their identity, has no website of their own and a yahoo e-mail address. Get a grip folks, this is some slimeballs fishing expedition & fraud. Even if it was for real that's the very last thing our hobby needs is to broadcast to the world that valuable items are unearthed on bottle digs, gezzzzzzz........

  12. This looks like a no-win situation for diggers

  13. I can speak from experience that when you put a high profile on our hobby, it ALWAYS turns to the monetary aspect of bottles. That is what non collectors are interested in, and the facination with "buried treasure" is always something that draws an audience. The problem, is that there are powerful forces that would lock up every bottle, or artifact from the collecting community, and the power struggle between collectors(not just diggers), and preservationists goes to a high level.
    We need new collectors in the hobby, but using the law of attraction, and not using entertainment to attract non collectors, is the best way to build a healthy, vibrant hobby.
    This latest attempt to sensationalize bottle digging is a huge red flag, and one where the outcome would be bad no matter if it is indeed legitimate, or not.
    Dale M.


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