Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rothenberg Judge T-80

Once in awhile you come across an exceptional example of a bottle that would normally not be considered at the top of the food chain. I know that these Old Judge glob tops are about as late as an applied top whiskey can be, and are normally a pretty red coloration with nice whittle effect. This example is a real chameleon, with many different colors, ranging from yellow with a touch of green, peach, strawberry red, and a nice pucey orange...all rolled into one. The whittle effect is as good as you get in any whiskey, and the embossing has that goofy old judge holding up a glass of the stuff. As far as being just a pretty piece of glass, this qualifies. This example was dug in the Bay Area a few years ago. Not a "top 25", but the verdict is in...this one is guilty of being one killer piece of glass!


  1. might not be super old, but that ole judge is one purty piece o glass, thanks for showin us M.E. .....Andy

  2. We have been Spammed, Spam and Cheese, Spamster Loaf, Spam and Beans, Spamburgers, Is there No Justice, Is there No Standard anymore.

  3. Good reason to make the blog invite only.


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