Saturday, June 19, 2010

T-46 Variant 4

Here are two Star Shield Cutters that do not garner as much respect as their earlier versions. Produced in the late 1870s to early 80s, these fifths are pretty tough to find in any color but "old amber". I have not seen this bottle in a super dark chocolate come to think of it. Occasionally they can be found in green tones, but very ocasionally.


  1. These Var.4's do have a real good range of color for a late 1870's/1880's fifth. Couple of beauties here... does anyone have a real dark chocolate amber example?

  2. I have extracted a number of those late JFs, but can't recall any really dark ones, or green for that matter. Only one was very light yellow amber, with most being what you usually see, just amber.

    The early version comes in the "freaky" color ranges, with tops that can only be defined as "wild". We can look forward to seeing some of the best next month at the Reno Show.

  3. Dale;
    I recalled having just such a critter. A quick stroll through my records found this listing, back in December of 2004;

    #228 J. F. Cutter / Extra / Trade - star within shield - Mark / Old Bourbon; crude glop top, various shades of amber ranging from dense ebony at the base to medium coffee in the body, star on base / curved "R's", extreme overall crudity, crooked neck, very crisp strike, oversized glop top, heavily whittled, one of the finest star shields we’ve ever seen.

    The description is self explanetory. Wished I still had it...

  4. One of the weirdest variant 4s I'd ever encountered had a definite open tube pontil on the base the size of a quarter. I have dug some very dark amber ones but I wouldn't of really called any of em chocolate.

    The Cutter display for the Reno show is full but we'd be happy to make some room for more if you'd like to display. I guess there's only 2 Star Shield Cutters in the state of Utah, come on boys..........

    Part two of the killer Western bitters saga recently dug continues. Today a screaming apple green M.Keller, aqua Wonser & green IXL were liberated from mother earth but all were damaged. However other great intact Western bitters along with a few other quite pleasant surprises we dug last week are resting nicely in their new home on the shelf, story to follow.........

  5. oh come on L, you can't tease us like that. hard to decipher, but I am guessing everything was smashed ? keep going, you're close to hitting it big.

  6. lets see some more green whiskeys,I know there is more out there.Or any off color anything would be nice. does any one have close up pictures of each display at the downyville show from the 1990's? that would make a good book,or the picture whiskeys from the year after that.old bustead.


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