Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Apparently we are still looking for that elusive shred of evidence that precisely dates this old  J.H. Cutter bottle.

Was it as early as 1866?  1867??    

I'm in the 1868/1869 camp!   Is it the first embossed western fifth?   I believe it is.    

Maybe someone will turn up an article in the paper that will confirm the exact date.....

Check out these ads that appeared in the Daily Inland Empire  / Hamilton-Nevada  1869:

Here are a couple of Hamilton liquor dealers that are advertising "Cutter" whiskey in 1869. 

I guess it could be a different Cutter whiskey,  but the only Cutter bottles that are found up there are t-49's.

This is the same Frank (Red) Wheeler..  that was advertising overnight accommodations in his "Stone Store" main street Hamilton summer of 1868.   He claims to have room for fifty men.  (This foundation still stands,  about 30' by 50'... must have stacked 'em in there like cord wood) 
His ad reads: " Nice, comfortable straw beds.  One Dollar per night,  crickets thrown in for free"!

Check out this interesting article that appeared in the Salt Lake Weekly Telegraph  Mar. 25, 1869.

I need to go back and find the original article,  this copy was typed from an old microfilm copy...  you know- back in the day!!


  1. I sure remember that one, SA. It sort of indicates that the early Hotaling Cutters go back to at least early 1869. My gut tells me that they are probably earlier, but so far, no real proof.

  2. I agree w/ SoleAgent. If I had to bet the ranch, it would be 1868-1869. One of the spots I have dug extensively, boomed in 1869 when a R.R. was established there the prior yr in June of 1868. The old holes for the bldgs constructed during the boom, sometimes have shards or intact Non-crowns


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