Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Once in awhile you come across a bottle with beautiful swirls of color throughout. It indicates that the glass was not fully "mixed" to it's intended blend of color. I have seen some spectacular swirled bottles, and Marty Hall had a wild display of unembossed bottles with this effect at the Reno National Show. Here is a pretty straight up olive yellow green bitters with ribbons of red amber spiraling throughout, from the top to bottom, and all the way around. While from a distance this effect tones down the "green", in backlighting it is really something. Unfortunately, my camera was not able to capture the swirls as dramatic as in person, but you get the idea. Maybe others could post their "swirled" glass?

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  1. If there's a nicer piece of Western glass out there, I'd sure love to see it! This has to be one of the nicest 25 Western bottles anywhere. First it's a bitters (top of the food chain), second it's green, and third it has exceptional character! I guess a green Clubhouse, Laurel Palace, black glass Cassin,s, or Grange-green Genuine flask would all be a notch above...then again, try to find any of those bottles with swirls like this! Killer example, M.E.!


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