Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Here is some reading material for you from A.M. Smith's book. After many trials and failures he landed in Ogden, Utah working for the C.P.R.R.

He was courting one of the wives of a deceased Mormon bishop, one of 4, when he met the future Mrs. Lykkejaeger. (Smith)

The numerous Mrs. B. Youngs were good customers.

Thirty short months in SLC, then on to Philadelphia for a
few years.
Fame and fortune in a big way later on in Minneapolis.

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  1. That's incredible, all that from a $10 grub-stake ! I like the part about after giving away the free samples, every house in mormomdum was talking about his wine.
    All those Mrs B's must've had to stay "medicated" to get along with each other and wait for their turn??
    Where did ole Hans come come up with the A.M. Smith name?


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