Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Brickwedel Flask

Here's a recent addition to the flask shelf thanks to a Reno Nevada collector that was selling off some of his bottles.

H. Brickwedel & Co. started operating in San Francisco as early as 1859. In 1860 the company moved to 208 - 210 Front Street and remained in business at this location until 1883.

Brickwedel produced a slug plate fifth embossed: OUR CHOICE OLD BOURBON H.BRICKWEDEL & Co 208 & 210 FRONT STREET S.F. SOLE AGENTS. and a pint & half pint flask embossed H. BRICKWEDEL & Co. WHOLESALE LIQUOR DEALERS 208 & 210 FRONT STREET S.F.

These bottle were produced from 1880 to sometime in 1883. The fifth is considered rare with possibly only a half dozen examples known. The flasks are alot more common then the fifths and come with an applied top and tool top.
This particular example is a light amber pint and has just a bit of whittle


  1. That's a fine looking flask! Looks like it has a solid-dose of whittle from the pictures....Nice pick up!

  2. She's a beaut G.O. Anymore where that came from?

  3. G.O
    You dont see too many whittle Brickwedels. Nice score !

  4. One of my non-bottle collecting neighbors has a 1/2 pint Brick that he found in one of his buildings. VERY crude little dog, but he won't part with it, yet.

  5. A number of these along with several busted 5ths turned up back in the 1970s but I don't recall any being as whittled as this. I was personally able to get a look at this bottle and it's nothing short of spectacular !

  6. Ever seen a whittley baby Brick??


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