Sunday, July 5, 2009


One of the prettiest and most popular of the early glob top western flasks is the AAA OLD VALLEY WHISKEY(tf-1). An early flask, and a container that was used for a good long time. They come in numerous colors and shades and are almost always quite crude, either with whittle or that squashed appearance in the body near the word whiskey. All known "Triple A" flasks have a single roll, crudely applied glob top. There are probably 100+ known examples of the AAA flask, but like the Teakettle fifth, collectors love this bottle and the price just keeps escalating.

Dale Mlasko just sent me a photo of his eye-popping example. I have seen greener Valleys, but I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful one. Send me some pictures of your best OLD VALLEY and we will do a photo shoot.

Here is a nice set from Larry Westfall.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall... Who's the greenest of them all!

A.P. finally shook loose with a couple of pictures of his 'heavily watered' old valley.

Castle sent in the picture of this gorgeous example.....


  1. Need to water that Valley a little more. Looks like high desert valley and not the green green Sacto Valley haha

  2. AP
    You should post what the results are of the heavily watered Sacto Valley !

  3. It seems like so long ago that I caught a glimpse of that greenest valley... might have been dreaming. Not sure anymore. Those green/green valleys need a little sunlight to keep them healthy.

  4.'re right. I'll stop teasing and dig it out dust it and water it. It hasnt seen daylight in so long, it may have started to wilt !

  5. AP;
    Don't worry about it wilting. Giving the Sacto Valley more water could not possibly make it any greener!


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