Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My first attempt at posting! Here is a labeled fifth that I have had for a long time. Embossed "CHENERY, SOUTHER & CO. S.F.", this is the wavy line variant. A fairly rare bottle, but not very desirable due to the limited embossing. Although produced in the 70's, this bottle is well made and does not exhibit much crudity other than some nice stretch bubbles in the neck and a few other scattered bubbles. What makes this fifth a looker is the nice early label. Unlike the fancy and colorful labels found on some of the later tool top whiskeys, this one is more typical of the early labels found on bottles from the 60's and 70's. No color on this one, but actually, pretty ornate lettering which reads as follows: "SAFFELL'S / CEDAR RUN / fancy monogram and TRADE MARK / PURE BOURBON / CHENERY, SOUTHER & CO. / SOLE AGENTS S.F." This bottle turned up in a Norm Heckler auction a number of years ago along with a bunch of tooled top western fifths that were all sold in lots of three. Must have been a small collection from the West that was consigned to Hecklers. Bob Barnett purchased every lot except the lot that contained this bottle! I have only seen a few of these for sale over the years, in both variants, so who knows about how many of these are in collections?

Sorry 'bout the lousy photos! Was not able to rotate them, maybe better luck next time!


  1. Dennis, Thanks for posting this. I have run across many ads for the Chenery Souther's Cedar Run Bourbon and always wondered why they didnt emboss it on their bottles. Probably had more than one bourbon they were pushing, and were too cheap to have a mold and bottles made for each one, would be my guess. Anyways, at least we know what the label looks like now !
    As far as how many of the embossed bottles are out there... when I was counting them, I came up with a total of 31 including both varients, with the curved line embossing mold being the much rarer of the two. Like you said, a rare bottle, but a dud on the shelf, unless of course you have a labeled example...

  2. Dennis,
    Don't worry about the pictures, when you click on the picture the enlargements are very clear and easy to see. Thanks.

  3. Great job Dennis,
    Keep them post coming!


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