Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Close only counts in horseshoes...

...and hand grenades, but not when digging bottles. A privy a buddy and I dug Sunday afternoon played out just that way. It was late pit that had been dug into and largely destroyed a much earlier one. We had plowed down about three feet and found nothing more than TOC crap. I was hating the situation, but since we were already there, we tried to make the best of it. I was cleaning out one end of the pit when I discovered a broken SF Gaslight Ammonia. Hmm, what have we here? That sure didn't belong in the 1900s hole. More investigation turned up a busted late '60s square sixth bitters type, unembossed, but a killer color. Sure enough, the remnants of an older pit were there. The newer one had transected 75% of the "proper" one, lunching all the goodies in the process. Forgetting the "crapper", we went for the "gold". It began to show, too. Here was a globby fifth, laying in the fluff. The heart rate was up considerably as the bottle was carefully removed from it's place.Photobucket
Major bummer, it was a bloody "generic". Crude dog, but useless to me. Finishing the remains of the privy netted us one more star based fifth, a few early pharmacies, and a dozen slicks. No killers to talk about. About the best glass in the hole were these two wannabe Codes. Bright green, crude, but slickers all the way.

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  1. Several Ca police depts are looking for that digger with the black plastic watch !


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