Tuesday, February 1, 2011


        Glass Discoveries and Pole Top Auction #64,   (pole top.. p-o-l-e top,  I seem to always have a "Freudian Slip" in regards to those heavy bottle breaking chunks of pressed glass)  can be previewed on line by clicking on the link in our favorite sites.  Some very beautiful bottles,  always hoping for more western,  but still some outrageous, quality glass.  

Is there no end to those insulators?     Enough already....  sorry,  I think I'm just jealous.   I wish I had stashed a few of those away back in the day... you know,  when I could  afford to buy one!!

These hard cover catalogs are fantastic.   Lots of information in them.

Don't Miss Out!

There is still time to pre-order your copy! Price is only $32 in the U.S. or
$38 to Canada. International, please inquire. Checks payable to 'Ray
Klingensmith.' Catalogues will be mailed in early March.

We are pleased to announce that our website has recently been updated with the
latest information on this exciting sale, to be conducted in March, 2011.

A link is provided below which will take you to the 'Bottle page' on the Glass
Discoveries website, giving greater details on some of the desirable glass
articles to be offered. Please be sure to scroll down in the text box to access
all pertinent information. After reading the info, you may proceed to the
Auction PREVIEW by selecting the PREVIEW links on the Bottle page, or on the
Home page.


The Preview will remain online for your enjoyment until Auction #64 begins in
March. At that time, ALL 373 auction items will be viewable with complete

Thanks, and Happy Collecting to everyone!

Ray Klingensmith
P.O. Box 628
Parkman, OH 44080



  1. I'm anxiously awaiting my copy, Ray.

  2. Thanks for the Heads Up Ray, These are Awesome Catalogs, can't wait to get mine. Sheese is that Swirled Flask in this Auction, UnREAL!!!!! The Good Doctor Wants it, thats about as far as I can go right now. Dr.Barnes


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