Tuesday, February 15, 2011

J.H.Cutter T44C

Here's the "Last of the Mohicans" applied top Hotaling Sole Agent Cutter. Like the late Rodney Dangerfield they don't get no respect, but these bottles are part of the Cutter story in the American West. Widely distributed, they have been found in great numbers in just about every state west of the Rockies., This example was recently wrenched from it's 125 year resting place in a small Sacramento privy. The body of the bottle displays zero crudity, and, of course, the crown has no jewels, but the top is right of an earlier time. It is very crudely applied and has some serious spillover. That alone makes it a keeper and not relegated to the low end sales box.

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  1. Nice ol' Sole Agent(t-44c)Cutter. Got to give it some respect. This is where most of us started collecting globbies. We all love to look at the 'heavyweights', but for most of us those are just a pipe dream. Keep the posts coming on these lower priced bottles, that is where the new blood will start.

    Speaking of Dangerfield, and urban digging:

    "Man I live in a tough neighborhood. When I plan my budget, I allow for holdup money."

    "I lived in a poor neighborhood. The rainbow was in black and white."

    "We were poor growing up, but once my old man gave me a bat for my birthday. The first time I played with it, it flew away".

    Sorry! He was a classic!


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