Monday, February 21, 2011

Hotaling's Kangaroo

This is the only picture I have of a 'Roo. It was scanned to me by the Aussie owner.Photobucket


  1. I am sure that it has already been thought of, but one would assume that a group of western diggers who know how to find bourbons could form a "digging squad" and research where these have been dug in the land "Down Under". I bet you would come back with a whole herd, or gaggle, or whatever a group of 'roo's are called...a Joey? Anyway, someone get over there with some Lambert probes and bring me back one please.I hear they are getting deluged with rain this past year so the ground should be probable. There has to be a "tip" just loaded with these!Gidday. Dale M.

  2. Dale, two of the 8(?) known intact examples were found by divers in Sydney harbor. The others came from various tips, but I don't believe from privies. Aussies are unaware of the privy concept and Sydney today resembles little of it's 1880s self. It would not surprise me one bit that somewhere in that metropolis there is an abandoned warehouse that holds the key to the mystery. What became of the 1500 cases that were sent to Barron, Moxham & Co in one month of 1883? Are they permanently buried under a downtown highrise? Why did 4 of them surface this year? We are many thousands of miles distant from Australia, so we are dependent on the internet for whatever information, however vague, we get from OZ diggers. I have been "networking" with them for over a dozen years and brought their attention to the bottle a few years before the first one was found. The result of my efforts? Zero, zip, nada.

  3. If I am not mistaken, Tim Higgins dug a broken one somewhere in the Bay Area. Pretty vague, but that's all I have.

  4. We lived in a place I built over on Wells Fargo Drive, here in J'ville, back in the late 80's / early 90's. We sponsored three young lasses, that were our daughters age, for a week, who were part of an international chorale group. All three were from Sydney. And, as luck would have it, one of the girls fathers had a fancy for bottles. I showed them my collection, which at that time had a bit of everything, and she spotted the OPS with Hotalings name on it. She mentioned that dad had one with that name, but with a 'roo on it.

    A couple of months later I got a care package from down under. My heart was thumping as I tore open the box. First out, a Melbourne Warners in that killer salmon color. Next out, a killer applied top Handysides Blood Purifier in black glass. And then... nope, no Hotaling kangaroo...

    Never could get my mitts on that jumpy little critter.


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