Monday, February 14, 2011


We have the 46th annual Las Vegas Bottle Show & Sale this weekend.

Friday and Saturday Feb 18th, 19th.     Palace Station Hotel.   Show is open from 11am - 5pm  on Friday and from 9am - 4pm on Saturday.    Cost of entry:    $15 on Friday,   $5 on Saturday.   

Information:  Stan Pullen: 702-452-7218    email:  

It has been a strange n' long, old winter for this soleagent.    Haven't put a probe in the ground since Oct.   Haven't been to a bottle show since last Downieville.    I have had some business stuff hanging over my head and finally,  finally... it is done.  I'm  going to make the trip to Vegas this year,  just to get some sort of bottle fix!

I'll be carrying a few bottles with me:  still have a real nice  Clark's - More, Reynolds(t-117);  a mint Old Pioneer F&B or 'two name bear'(t-4);  and a couple of others.  Also the bottles I have in my ebay store,  AAA flask,  Nabob,  that Wormser barrel is a beaut.

Also there is the Oregon Bottle Collectors Association Show in Aurora, Oregon.  Saturday Feb. 19th 9am -3pm  at the American Legion Hall in Aurora.  Dealer setup and early lookers starts on Friday the 18th.... 1pm -6pm    info:  Jim or Julie Dennis 541-467-2760    email: 


  1. Roger Your new cover photo is awesome. That GOLD DUST is one fine bottle and at the top of the list with the 2 name bear. cal 49er

  2. Yeah, super photo. No, I be passin' on Vegas this time. NO money left after the cash spent on Cutter related additions and various advertising. I need some recoup time. Maybe time to shed some excess baggage, too.

    Is that the John that Ken S. dug? Looks about like the right color.

  3. I would like to take credit for this killer grouping, but the caretaker of these beauties at the time was my friend Dennis B. He sent me some photos of his collection when it was probably at the high water mark. This is the same Clubhouse that was auctioned 18 mo. ago, so I know where that bottle went. The others, ???. Where they came from or where they went ?? They are being 'cared for' by other collectors.

  4. Will be making the trek to Vegas on Thursday. Hard to believe I've been selling at this show for 23 years now. Seen some great bottles change hands at this show over the years. Hope to see some of you there.


  5. Dwayne, Chuck is over in AZ and, as you know, will be in LV and then over at Phoenix the next weekend. I'm too poor to pay attention at the moment. My fortunes were just sunk into another "gotta have" Hotaling bottle. Story at a later date.

  6. I keep looking at the title banner photo...likely one of the best photos of good fifths ever taken. Four bottles, but six figures.You do not see quality like that in one place very often.How many of you look at the photo and try to pick the ONE you would take if given the choice. For ME, I pick the horse...or the Virgina, N...maybe the the horse.

  7. I have been thinking about the same thing over and over and over again, M.E. Yesterday I was leaning in favor of the Horse, but that Kentucky Gem seems to have an amazing strike. But how could I pass on the Clubhouse? That is one nice colored Virginia N. too! In any event, you know your in the company of great bottles when the Clubhouse isn't the automatic pick. What a great picture, to the extent which makes one wonder about restructuring the Top 10 or Top 25 Western Fifths. Which I am fine with the ranking lists in Thomas' book. However, I'd rather own some top examples of fifths outside the 'Top 25' over weaker examples within the Top 25. Each bottle ultimately comes down to the individual example though, right? I'll miss my first or second Vegas Show in about the past 13 years. It's the first bottle show I ever attended and can still remember some of my "rookie year" purchases: a cobalt J.A Lomax, a nuked purple medicine bottle, a Bromoseltzer, and a teal-green Rumford Chemical works. Boy things have changed. I'm glad I have turn my attention to Western glass (whiskies in particular), and happy with all the great people and shows that I've encountered since my first one. Somehow, I feel like I had more money in high school than I do now....I guess buying whiskies, wedding expenses, and paying redundant taxes will do the trick on quieting the silver pick.

  8. My "silver pick" has turned to rusty iron, rapidly crumbling away. Some guys have all the luck, like scoring MINT olive green Taylor/Virginia N. for $1750 off flea-Bay.

  9. I have a couple fifths both of which I found myself: a 1890s Phoenix and a TOC Phoenix with some major lip/neck damage, a label-only "attic/basement" Brassy. Since the early Glassworks/Bottle Vault auctions certain bottles went from being affordable to me, to being look-see bottles I leave on the seller's table. I saw an F.J. Bayer 400 Haight St. coffin with an asking price of $425 about a year ago. Paid $50 for mine back in the day. That level of price increase puts something from what would be a "likely purchase" to a "forgetaboutit" sit this baby back on the sales table carefully...

  10. Las Vegas Show has come and gone. I had a good show, talked bottles all day Friday. Sold some good bottles, traded a couple of rare tokens for bottles. Traded a great flask for bottles, cash, and a player to be named later.
    Saw the ultra green Tommy Taylor sixth, again! Despite the peer pressure, I did not buy any insulators.

    The player to be named is an exceedingly fine greenish large circle Millers that came out of the ground over in these parts. Nice to be bringing him back home.


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