Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have done a post on 3 different Salt Lake City dealers that sold the "good stuff"... embossed early whiskey bottles!                                                                                                                                                      

Cunnington & Co.   - first agents in Utah Territory for J.H. Cutter Old Bourbon (Hotaling).   They sold out to the Walker Bros. in August of 1872.                                                                                                     

Nelson & Edward Boukofsky -  agents in Utah for Miller's Extra and J.F. Cutter Extra Old Bourbon           (Martin).   They were also agents for S.H.M.  and  McKennas.                                                                  

A.M. Smith -  can't forget that rascal!   Embossed a pint flask sometime around 1874/75.                         

The fourth dealers,  and most famous were the brothers.    Walker Brothers were agents for Hotaling's J.H. Cutter,  also agents for Jesse Moore.   Their claim to fame in the whiskey world is having their name on an embossed bottle..  blown in San Francisco no less!

I've been working on the post for the Bros.    Will try to get it online in the next few days.


  1. WOW! Nice Bro's Roger. Some History there. Do you still have the Trade Card you got from me? Dr.Barnes / Rick

  2. Holly smokes soleagent, geeezzzzz what a pair! Those Walker boys sure had one fine container.

  3. Them's KILLAS!! Talk about "whittlicious". Did you get my email about a Hotaling display at the '12 Reno National? Sumpthin' to think about.

  4. Always a favorite of mine. Age, color, character, rarity, and heritage. A top 25 whiskey that should be ranked much higher in my opinion. What a bottle!

  5. Hey Mike,

    I'd be up for a Hotaling Shootout if the masses would be interested. This looks like something that could be done regularly... Teakettles, J. Moore, Mckennas... lots of possibles

  6. No "shootout", I don't have the "guns" for that. More like a collective display of bottles and related items. After all, A.P.Hotaling was the premier wholesale liquor dealer on the Pacific Coast and his product containers and advertising are admired and collected by many of us.


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