Sunday, July 25, 2010

S.F. Bulb Bottle

Dug a lot of these across from the old Police Station in Downtown Dago years ago. Couldn't figure out what they were? Jon L. and I used to throw them at our Friend Wayne while we were digging, Look Out Grenade, Yep, great Sport. I got this one in a collection I bought a while ago and forgot all about it. They come in 2 sizes that I have seen. This is the smaller size, it has a lead foil around the neck and says GOLD MEDAL, DUBLIN - GENI (all you can read) then has a bunch of Cities listed including SAN FRANCISCO. I think this was a wine. Different anyways. Dr.Barnes / Rick


  1. Whoops that was suppose to go to the Western Glass site.

  2. I think this site is now both. And we dug a slew of bulb bottles in old Sacto in the 70s. not many in that size and none with the foil on it...Andy


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