Thursday, July 29, 2010

RENO 911 / 2010

I have to say this years Reno show was one of the best shows for us in recent years for buying, selling and overall a great time. Special thanks to the Reno Bottle Club for another outstanding show Nevada style. Special thanks to Marty Hall and all who participated in the "Great Star Shield Show Down" for 2010.
Although I'm a sucker for Western glass the display of early miners apparel dug from the ground was not only interesting but quite a site to see. American Bottle Auctions table was so crowded with buyers scooping up killer deals I couldn't get near it. Then their were the folks selling their collection which they started in the late 50s. Couldn't believe I Ianded in the right place at the right time as they brought out their bottles. Friday night it was off to a super buffet with friends for dinner, drinks and lots of good conversation. Saturday we packed up and headed for the hills in Downieville for a visit and got to see a very nice Catawba Wine Bitters recently dug by our friend "Mr. Lucky", great bottle. Then a trip down the hill to see Hoss at the Ponderosa and what's likely Yuba Counties largest home grown vegatable garden. The North Yuba River and mountains are spectacular, we can't wait for this years show which is one of our favorites & best in the West.
Group theme displays are a great way for collectors to display their bottles and a real treat for all to see. It would be fun to do another group theme display next year. Anyone have any ideas?????


  1. Great pictures G.P.!

    Thanks for sharing with us, and thanks to you and Marty for helping to get all of these beautiful Star/Shields together in one place.

    All those old miner's clothes caught my eye... I thought someone raided my dirty digging pants pile in the corner of the garage.

  2. Thanks for the photos!
    I also thought the show was good, and I was able to pick up a few early Western medicines including a deep colored Dr. Warren's, a Murray's magic oil, the purple Keith, and an 1860s applied top Langley's Wholesale Druggists in deep aqua. I did not see any early Western bitters available except for the aqua Wonser's that changed hands. Nice color, and mint. There were a few glob whiskeys, but not as many as in the past. It seems like the same bottles keep being brought from show to show with the same prices resulting in few sales.
    There were only a handful of early Western flasks available, and a mint Lilienthal amber coffin changed hands at a VERY reasonable price. These are rare. I had a green AAA on my table that would have not lasted 5 minutes on the table in the past...many lookers, but it was not sold. The frenzy at American Bottle Auctions table was ferocious! Hundreds of screamin' deals and I could not get through the crowd to purchase anything!A few of us were able to handle the Gold Hill Nevada backbar label under glass, which was absolutely breathtaking! The displays were amazing, and seeing old and new friends, as well as customers from my website was a real highlight. I am looking forward to Downieville!!!!!

    Dale Mlasko

  3. Wow!
    What a display of western fifths. It almost appears shades of green are the norm for the star in shield.
    Great job on the display fellers'

  4. Is it safe to say this represents at least 75% of all GREEN Jfs ?

  5. I've attended at least 20 December Auburn shows since the 80's and always thought it was the premier annual Western bottle show. I made my first ever trek up to the Reno Show last week and all I can say is WOW! Now I definitely have another premier Western show on my annual agenda.

    Thanks to Marty and the gang for a very efficiently run show (and thanks again Marty for the great trade!). I was able to add three colored blob sodas and two colored umbrella inks to my collection, plus several nicely swirled bottles to my sub specialty swirls collection. The displays were excellent, especially the combined Star/Shield Cutter exhibit. I'm already looking forward to what the 2011 show might bring!

    Dwayne Anthony


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