Saturday, July 31, 2010

J. Moore- Early and Late

It is amazing how some brands were popular and distributed for decades. Here is an early J. Moore Chielovich, and the latest glob top Jesse Moore in a red coloration. There have been several posts in the past which outline the history of Elias Chielovich, and how he got "the boot" while apparently doing a good job...
These two examples are heavily whittled, and while manufactured 20 years apart, show the time span of the glob top whiskeys many of us covet. One represents the "early" period of glob tops, and the other, the "late" timeframe. There are alot of Jesse's in between them, like the often seen Jesse Moore Hunt fifth, both air vented and non vented, and of course the flask. The fifth continued almost to machine made days, so in various forms, and distributors, this brand sure had a long run!


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  2. Dale;
    Actually, Jesse Moore fifths did continue into the machine age.

    My grandfather went to work for the Southern Pacific Railroad as a signal maintainer shortly after the turn of the century (1900). In the early teens, he lived in a construction car on a siding in a community by the name of Wrights, in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. One day we went for a drive up to Wrights Station, as it became known. He recalled that a certain Madame so and so had a "fancy house" above the tunnel portal of the east entrance. We crawled our way up to the flat where the house of repute had stood and on the way up the steep incline found several very late Jesse Moore fifths. They were clear with a hint of greenish grey, were machine made with a cork closure - long tapered collar over single ring and most closely resembled variant 573.

    Unfortunately, it was at that time that the deputy for the water works caught us "trespassing" and we were escorted from the premises and warned that we'd get "free meals and lodging at the crowbar hotel" if we were ever seen there again. I've not seen another example like them in the forty years since.


  3. Wow what a friggin smoker "J Moore" okay I'm jealous now. That strike and wittle are unreal. An exceptionally nice 5th M E.
    This is a bottle that rearely will you ever see one that looks like a dog.
    A few years back I got a call from a nice little-ol-lady who found a light yellow/olive & whittled one while plating a rose bush in her back yard.

  4. Dale,
    I have a S.F & PGW invoice where Chielovich & Co. ordered a 1/2 gross of pint and half-pint flasks from the glassworks in June 1884.

  5. The "J" has always been one of my favorite bottles. Peck and I dug a beautiful example in old Broderick back in the day. It brought a hefty $500 at the time, so that kinda dates it. LOL

    That's most interesting, Warren. I wonder if the flasks ordered were embossed or just "generic". If he actually filled and distributed 72 embossed 1/2 or pint J. Moores then the potential for a "new" discovery is there. Whose to know where, or if, they were actually sent out to be sold. Perhaps there could be just such a bottle laying in Pioche privy. One more reason to go over and "play" there. Makes the "wheels" turn, doesn't it?


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