Saturday, July 10, 2010

United We Stand- T-99

One of my favorite Oregon bottles is T-99. While a "slug plate" (actually a private mold in a square design), this one has alot going for it. Most slug plate whiskeys are pretty sparse in the embossing department, and the liquor merchants must have been charged by the letter. Usually you will find a name, maybe an adress, and that's about it. This bottle was one where Charles Kohn wanted to really get his money's worth, there is a ton of embossing contained in the little square. You have a great patriotic name, the all important word "whisky" (no "e")...the city, the word "agents" (no "sole")...and the wavy "Northwest Coast". You really could not ask for more as far as info on any whiskey bottle.
A fairly rare bottle, but not as rare as the latest Thomas book indicates. I believe there are about a dozen of these in collections. They run in a basic amber in most, but occasionally they can be found in a light yellow amber, or chocolate. I believe these are undervalued in the current "crazy" bottle market, and represent the great history of the West.

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  1. Neat bottle, ME. I reckon that the only way to fit "Northwest Coast" was to "wave" it. One of the other United We Stands(T-170)was pulled from the harbor in Sydney, NSW, along with a "Kangaroo" Old Bourbon.


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