Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tired - So very, very tired

Tom brought up an interesting point when he commented that " Wilmerding was selling the snot out of McKenna's, everywhere.... Nevada Comstock,Cal logging coast, Nevada everywhere,SF Bay Area, Southern Cal, even Hawaii. He must've thought he could sell alot more if he had two moulds goin at the glass factory (hell, SF PGW may've even told him his mould was gonna wear-out from so many production runs !). Those later McKenna's are pretty wealky embossed, arent they..."

Here's a recent arrival. It has an interesting anomaly; The bottle is a tooled top, plain base, 4 mould. It has an addition to the mold that is not present on any of the glop or tooled Macs that I've had over the years. The mould on this example was obviously on it's last legs as the strike is all but shot. In an attempt to squeak one last bit of life out of the embossing, a very prominent air vent was cut above the "T" in Extra. It is located directly below the shoulder vent, is perfectly centered and is very pronounced. This would most probably post date it to the circa era that has been taken as gospel for so many years.

Yep, Wilmerding had a true success story on their hands with the McKennas brand, which in turn kept the glass works in overdrive, with the ovens hot and the tired -overworked molds wearing out.

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